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Is Belief Secret the Ultimate Secret?

  • Discover the hidden beliefs that are controlling your life.
  • Identify and remove the invisible belief triggers that are undermining your success.
  • Explore how your beliefs fashion your world and everything in it.

Have you ever notice how your belief determines what you see, and how it shapes your reality. Have you checked out how your views are placing limiters on what you do and what you achieve? 

 “Believe, and you can really receive.” Jesus

Belief is the real secret behind the Secret

But once you’ve discovered that, you’re left with a question. How to change your beliefs?

After you realize that your beliefs are controlling your life in such a powerful way – you need to know how to change your expectations for total success.

Can you master the ULTIMATE SECRET?

If you’ve ever tried to convince yourself of something that just isn’t true, you’ll know how hard it can be. Are you really a millionaire? Confident? Successful? Attractive? The voice of the inner-critic just won’t shut up. Do you really believe this is so? Are you just kidding yourself? This isn’t true, is it? Or is it just make-believe? 

Imagine uncovering the final “secret” you’ll ever need – ONCE and for ALL!

In this series, I am going to give you simple techniques that you can use to change your underlying beliefs – and bring about seeming miracles and magic in your life.

Inside my new book the magic power of belief. You will discover tool you can use to understand thinking what it is, what it does and how it works.

What Do You Believe?

Have you ever really explored the power of your beliefs?

Have you ever thought about exploring how your beliefs fashion your world and everything in it?

  • Do you believe in the power of Belief?
  • Do you believe life is a struggle?
  • Do you expect challenges in your life?
  • Do you conclude everything to be hard difficult and a struggle?
  • Do you think you have to get there first because there’s not enough to go around?
  • Do you imagine that you must do it onto others before they do it to you?
  • Do you assume It’s, is a dog eat dog world out there?
  • Do youNotice how your belief determines what you see, and how it shapes your reality.

Check out how your beliefs are placing limiters on what you do and what you achieve.

Your beliefs overshadowed everything in your life. Your thinking determines your response to every question, every situation in all circumstances.  Isn’t it essential to find out what you believe and why you believe it? Take my belief inventory and find out what you think?

In the belief series, we will examine Three Essential Questions that regulate everything that you think, say and do.  Determining your answer to the three essential questions will reveal how you react to events, situations, and circumstances.

In the early part of this series, I am going to put you on the road to examine what you believe and why you think it?

Belief is ultimately the key to happiness. It is your most deeply held core beliefs are the bedrock of your personality. They determine your feelings of worth, competence, belonging, lovability, security, trust, and self-reliance.

Negative core beliefs can imprison you behind bars of conviction that can keep you from progressing.  It becomes absolutely imperative that we uncover our core beliefs in order to determine what is really regulating our lives in every area.

Isn’t it time to examine your beliefs?

As we progress in this series, we will take a look at what belief really is, how it comes into your experience and how it controls your actions.  As you now know belief controls what you think, what you say and what you do.  You will begin to discover how your beliefs can free you from self-limiting programs to become all that you desire to be.

Are you aware of “The System?” “Your Belief System”?  Exploring Your Belief System

We delve deep into what I call “The System.”  The system is a set of programs and rules that operate on an unconscious level and has a domino effect on all experience.

Inherent within the system are your fears and worries and doubts, caused by unconscious belief patterns that dictate who you are, what you can do and what you can become.

Breaking the Rules

In order to reclaim your power and take operational control over the belief system, you must examine every aspect of it.  The majority of belief rules were instilled in us by others.  They were taught by our teachers, our ministers, and our leaders.  We accept them as truth.

Consequently, they control what we think and do.  These rules often hold us in a constant state of fear, worry, and doubt. They can be insidious and pervasive. This chapter will expose these mental regulations to what they really are.

As you examine your belief system, you will retain the beliefs that serve you and let go of any ideas that are inhibiting your growth and your progress.

Who made the rules?  How were they established?  Should you get rid of them? These questions will all be explored in the chapter on Breaking the Rules.

Core Beliefs

beliefs are all the things you think you know, and believe are right about you in spite of what someone else may feel or think about you.

Your core belief system is the operating system that regulates your thought.  We will examine how and when your core beliefs were instilled in you.

We will dig deep into your core belief system.  We will look at your positive core beliefs and your negative core beliefs.  We will examine what you believe regarding reward and punishment and examine your attitudes and opinions of others to uncover the values, the code, and the super rules that control your thinking.

Belief Makes Thing

Belief Makes Things Happen. End of statement, full stop. You can believe in good things, or you can think that bad things will happen? But it is a belief that makes all things happen.

Reality versus actuality

We will look at reality versus actuality in terms of what you believe.  You will begin to uncover what you think and why you think it and take constructive action to adjust, change or manipulate your belief system.

Discovering belief manipulation techniques that will give you greater control over what you think, say feel and do.

Consequently, you will begin to guide and direct your own life, rather than being controlled by unconscious belief systems.

Let’s explore the Magic Power of Belief together.

I am Brother John, urging you now and always to Live Your Life in Spirit!


Tell Me what you believe is true for you?

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