Is Your Thought The Prelude To   Everything In Your Life?

Is Your Thought Really The Prelude To Everything?

Think about this. Is there anything in your life that you did  not think about first?

How about your home, your job, or the car you drive? All of the things in your life begin your thought.  You brought them into your life because you thought them into your life.

What you think about, you bring about.  Think! About thinking! Your Thought is the prelude to Everything. Learn to Think Right.

Take a look at what your think.

  • Do you think your thought has power?

  • Do you believe Think life has to be a struggle?

  • Do you think about your problems and expect challenges in your life? 

  • Do you conclude everything to be hard difficult and a struggle? 

  • Do you think you have to get there first because there’s not enough to go around?

  • Do you imagine that you must do it onto others before they do it to you?

  • Do you assume it’s, is a dog eat dog world out there?


Notice how your belief determines what you see, and how it shapes your reality.

Check out how your thoughts are placing limiters on what you do and what you achieve.  Your thought is the forerunner to in your life.

 Your thoughts determine your response to every question, every situation in all circumstances.  Isn’t it essential to find out what you think and believe and why you think it?

Take my belief inventory and see what you think and believe?

That’s all for now,

I am  Brother John, urging now and always

to live your life in spirit.

Share your thoughts with us?

How will you change the way you look at your life?