The Sacred Secret of Magic

Do You Believe?

The Sacred Secret of Magic


First Question: Do You Believe?

The first question is, do you believe? Ahh. You are waiting for the rest of it, are you not? “Do I believe in what?” you are saying. No, that is not it. It is just, Do you believe? For the act of faith is only possible to apply the act of faith to the unknown; therefore, defining it any further negates the question's true meaning. It is not possible to believe in something that is known, for it then becomes knowledge and not belief.

Keep in mind that the belief process, or acting in the belief system, is literally an act of the angelic realm that you are applying in human attributes; so you are reaching into the heavenly realm to grasp those belief systems.

So, when you find something that you believe in, your first instinct is to package it and define it. You put it in a box, and you tell all your friends about it. You write your books about it. You teach it, and you share it with others. And that is beautiful—except for one thing: it then can become knowledge.

It is human nature to do this because we feel much more comfortable with knowledge than with beliefs. Within the known world, there is little potential. Within the unknown world, all is potential. I will tell you this day that your ability to believe will become an essential part of your evolution in the days ahead.

There are different types of belief. Actually, it is not the beliefs that change but your perception of them that change. There are the beliefs that define who you are, and then there are the beliefs which you define. That slight shift in how you view beliefs will change your world in an instant.

“I believe in me,”

Keep in mind that at any moment if you are not happy with the reality you are experiencing, please choose again, for that is your birthright. That is also your responsibility as creators dancing in bubbles of biology on Planet Earth. For as you express your right to create—as you express your willingness to step out and to create something new—you define a belief system that says, “I believe in me,” and that is your belief in God.

To the highest degree, I ask that you no longer point it outward but inward. Standing in your own energy of your own creative ability is the greatest tribute to God that you can ever make to God.

Always look for higher truths

Beliefs are a human attribute, for they are not necessary for heaven. It is only when you begin to play the game within a field of polarity and dance within a bubble of biology that you need beliefs at all. So I am asking you to continually re-examine your assumptions.

Always look for higher truths—ones that serve you—to be able to reach out and find the things that you love. That is where you will find your highest passion and, therefore, your highest vibration. That is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be. That is where you shine like the diamond and all the years of stress have paid off.

Second Question: Do You Believe in Magic?

Question number two: Do you believe in magic? Ahh, yes, I can imagine your head bobbing, for magic, once again, is a representation of the unknown. Magic is a force, a power that you instinctively know inside. It is actually a very high form of belief. Magic means that nothing has to go by the same rules that you believed or have been taught that your world has been built upon.

Magic is energy and like all power is always in dynamic and in motion. Magic in the instantaneous realization of joy. It bypasses the what you think is the known Universe. It is the instant connection of telepathy where one heart communicates to another without the interference of the words.

Magic has begun, for magic is actually a representation of heaven on Earth. That is the reason that there is such a fascination with heaven. That is the reason there is such a fascination with magic on the planet at this time, for Harry Potter was undoubtedly channeled information, was it not? Ahh, but it is not new. Even the days of Merlin show a fascination with magic—not laziness or a shortcut, to be able to do things the easy way, but the fascination with your ability to be a creator changing the limited known into unknown potentials. It is held within each and every one of us; and only you can activate it.

Magic is opening to new potentials and as-of-yet-undefined realities. Many of us as a human being has a problem with fact. We think it is real. Magic is all the things on the other side, for it is not possible to create the magic of anything that you consider real.

Magic is the bridge between the known and the unknown, between knowledge and beliefs. The reason I am are explaining this in such detail is because our faith is the cornerstone of magic. When you reexamine and change your thinking, you are at the threshold of magic. Simply by changing your views, you are changing and activating the power of magic now that magical.

Magic has several trigger words that will activate it. You have seen many of these trigger words quite often. Many people have problems with some of those trigger words. Magic is one of them.

The word magic carries the energy of the Gods and immediately comes in and strikes a chord in your heart. So my second question becomes do you believe in magic? It will not be long before you are able to prove this to yourself. Your belief in magic is what sets the vortices in motion.

You can change your reality by changing the point from which you perceive it. It is that simple. I did not say “easy”; I said “simple.” But you are on the right track. You are the grand souls who are changing all that is. You have the future in your own hands . . . but first, you must believe; then, you must believe in magic. Do you believe in magic?

Third Question: Do You Believe in the Magic in You?

Question number three . . . and this is the difficult one: Do you believe in the magic in you? Yes, it is easy to see the popularity of Harry Potter, The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, and many others fun movies that come to our attention. That is due to the fact that there has been a general lack of support of one’s own powers in our societies up to this point. Due to this lack, a vacuum was created that is now being filled. These and many more movies will show the potential of taking one’s own power of magic and using it to create a higher reality. We can use our own magical powers to create the life we desire.

That’s all now. I am Brother John, urging you now and always to live your life in spirit.

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  1. Do you believe

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