The Number 1 Secret to changing your life.

What you truly believe about yourself is the yardstick by which the universe treats you.   If you see yourself poor or feel yourself to be unworthy of a particular thing the world will most likely treat you accordingly.

Let’s look back in life.

Like most of the children in this society, you were probably taught someone’s concept of right and wrong. Maybe it was mom and dad, or the church or the schools you attended or all of these things.

What you did not know was that all of this “information” you were being given was someone else concept.   Most likely this information was given to you was to keep you in line or to control your actions, to make you fit to live in the general society. As a child, you had no filters by which to distinguish the real and essential information from the propaganda.

Those people and institutions taught you how to use your some of your mind and almost none of your imagination. You were taught that using your imagination or daydreaming as they called it was strictly forbidden.

As children we are all born with imagination and dreams that are a part of the human spirit. But by the time we are 13 or 14 years old most of that image is gone; put aside in favor of linear teachings.  As a result, today we see depressed children and people everywhere in our society.  So we are then told that the only solution is anti-depressant medications, mood-altering and mind-altering pharmaceuticals (legal and lethal drugs)!

The thing that they did not tell you is the real secret.  The real secret is there is nothing wrong with you.  There are a great reality and a power within you that you probably have never read about or studied in the general education.  As a result, most of us grow up thinking that life has to be a struggle.  But the secret is that it does not have to be this way! Most of us remember our hopes, dreams, and desires for survival.

People of all ages express very similar thoughts and feelings about their life, and usually, it comes out as frustration. Frustration against the system we live in and frustration about their personal ability or inability to achieve the dreams and hopes they have about life.

One of the things we have in common is the feeling of frustration about not having the “tools” necessary to accomplish our goals.  The tools we need are the mental, emotional, required knowledge and fortitude to succeed in this world.

The general feeling is; the schooling, religious teaching, mom and dad, the society in general… did not give us what we really needed to succeed in this life.

So let’s go a step further.

As children, we were not in charge of the circumstances we found yourself in because of your birth or your parents or the society.  However, today you are in charge of the rest of your life.  Many highly successful people have come from less than desirable backgrounds.   But have discovered the secrets of Law of Attraction.

When we look at the rules of conduct for the Law of Attraction (LOA), we are discovering that the old ways of looking at our lives and the universe just does not work.

It is fair to say the ancient teachers were more correct in their understanding of the universe and our interrelation with it.  Their worldview was far more spiritual (not religious) then most of us in the western world.

Let’s explore some of the rules of the Law of Attraction.

Open your mind for a moment and imagine you could change identity? I mean, what if you moved away to a place where no one knows you or anything about you.   In this new area, you could say anything you want about who you are, and what you do or anything at all about your qualities, your background and your style of living and no one would question your story or your claims.

Think of this for a moment.   If you gave the appearance and displayed the mannerisms of a person who is a millionaire, it is likely no one would argue the point.

What is most interesting about this scenario is that life and the universe would not argue the point either. In fact, you would find that as you believe yourself to be a millionaire and act the part, you will begin to attract people, and circumstances and even opportunities to promote and support your claim.   And here is why!

Our life on this planet is belief oriented. “As you believe so shall it be.” This old saying was correct the first time it was said, and it is still true.   To put it another way, just for clarity; what you believe about yourself is true. “What you think about you bring about.” Brother John

In fact, the more you believe in what you are saying and doing and promoting the more the universe will align with you, with your beliefs.

All of this may sound fantastic and strange because you probably have never been allowed to use your mind and imagination to order and structure your life… yet this is precisely what you should be doing now and what you should have been doing all along.

If you had been doing this all along your life now would be very different then it is.

The real secret is, in the western societies very little is known or taught about Life being the outcome of your beliefs.  But just look at the situation of your life you should easily be able to see that what you believe the truth is about yourself. You will notice that the actions you have taken in the past to promote your beliefs are how you arrived at this station of your life.

Life is not an . You did not arrive where you are in life by accident. 

Your life is a predetermined outcome of what you believe now, and what you have allowed yourself to think about yourself and your life, up to this moment.

If you don’t like your life at this point, the good news is, you can change it. You can change everything. You have the power, the ability and the right to do so.

Your Greatest Gift

You have many gifts that you probably don’t realize, and one of your better gifts is your ability to change your mind.  Because by changing your mind, you can change your life.

We see it done every day. Someone gives up drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco or being a criminal. Some homeless people stop being that.   Lives and fortunes change all the time and all because someone changed their mind.

Life is full of success stories about people who were told they would fail, but they chose not to believe that message.   They made up their own mind and went on to achieve their own success.

What do YOU want?

Many people want wealth, some want a lasting and loving partner, some people want to achieve specific goals in sports or competition, some want a pay raise at work or a new job or a different job.

It seems almost everyone has something they want or want to do.

The real secrets governing the Laws of Attraction (LOA) are simple enough and are based almost entirely on your personal belief system. Only you have control over your belief system, and you can change it at any time. When you change your belief system, you will change your life. Now is the time to explore the Magic Power of Belief.

That’s all for now, I am Brother John urging to live your life in spirit.