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The fact of this message is simply this. There Are No Limits on Abundance. There are no limits to your being. There are no limits on your awareness. There are no limits on your experience, only your thinking makes it so.

The Time is Now
The Time is Now

Once again, as always, it is our time.

It is the time that we come to each year at this time; it is the time when we have an opportunity to begin again. It is the time where we have an opportunity to commence a new beginning, to commence a new year.

It is our time to commence the abundance of a new year.

But what is abundance? What is it? Is it just money? Is it just more stuff? Is it just more things? What is abundance?

And we need to understand that so that we know what the abundance of a new year can and will bring. Because abundance mean having an abundance of everything, doesn’t it? It means to be completely and totally abundant.

We also require an abundance of rain, do we not? And we had an abundance of that so far, haven’t we? Some places on the planet that have received not only an abundance of rain but some places have received an abundance of snow.

Look at the vastness and the opulence of God. Shall we review that again? An abundance of everything. An abundance of snow.Abundance Snow Slide14

Do you see any lack of snow anywhere on any tree? Do you see one tree complaining that the other tree has more snow than me? Abundance of everything. An abundance of darkness. Won’t you breathe?


Abundance is everywhere, abundance is in everything. An abundance of light. Breathe. Now, wAbundance Light Slide17hat we’re attempting to do here, what we’re going to do is to reorient our consciousness into a consciousness of abundance, into a consciousness of wealth, into a consciousness of limitless supply of everything. An abundance of light, an abundance of flow, an abundance of everything.

Are you getting the sense of what we’re talking about here? Are we illuminating this awareness for you? Are you moving into an abundant consciousness to recognize that there is an abundance of everything? That there is something quite natural about abundance? There is something quite spiritual about abundance; there is something about abundance of God. We must include the abundance of God in our consciousness to manifest it in our experience.

It appears that there is an abundance of everything when God is working it, when we leave it undisturbed. There is even an abundance of growth. An abundance of growth where no seeds have been planted, no soil turned. There’s even an abundance of growth.

It having abundance is not consistent with some of our experience then we have to look at the root cause of the problem. Because God’s consciousness, God awareness, God’s being is abundant. Everything that He does, She does, They do abundantly. Won’t you breathe?

Abundance Flow Slide16
Abundance Flow

Whether it is bringing you rain, whether it is bringing you snow, whether it is bringing you flow, whether it is bringing you growth, they do it abundantly. How is your experience? Is your experience abundant? If it isn’t then there is something blocking or damming the flow.

The Elder Brother (Jesus) said “I came to give you life and I came to give it to you more abundantly”. So if you got everything and it’s working beautifully, you got all the money you can possible conceive, you got every good thing that you can imagine? Your life is being lived to the fullest; the Elder Brother (Jesus) says that is not good enough. I want you to have that even more abundantly. I want you increase even your best. I want you to move in the fairy tale of your consciousness and let me increase it even more.

Abundance Money
Abundance Money

An abundance of everything and yes even an abundance of money. Because money is what we use in this realm, money is what we use in this 3D experience. But money is only an attribute of abundance. Rain is an attribute of abundance, limitless snow is an attribute of abundance, infinite flow is a byproduct of abundance.



But what is abundance?

Money Rain 1 Slide 31
Open Your Consciousness

Coz we’re going to set up abundance for the New Year, right? Prosperity or abundance is not something that you get. Won’t you breathe? You thought your money make you abundant? You thought your supply was your employer? You thought your bank account was your safety? Well, let’s take a look at it.

Prosperity and abundance is something that you are. Prosperity and abundance is a reflection of your consciousness. Won’t you breathe? Now think about how much abundance you holding / carrying in your consciousness? The amount that you are holding in your mind is the about that you have in your experience.

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