Abundance and prosperity are extensions of your consciousness.

To experience and enjoy abundance and prosperity you must have a consciousness/awareness of abundance and prosperity. Abundance and prosperity does not come to you, it comes through you. It flows through your consciousness/awareness through your sacred heart and out into your experience establishing the state or condition that you are aware of being.

Key to Abundance Slide29All states of having are states of being

All states of having are states of being. I want you to get this piece. All states of having are states of being. The very nature of trying to get something established the absence of it. When you declare that you want something, you also declaring that you don’t have the very thing that you want. Abundance and prosperity are states of being. All states of being are internal within your awareness. When you believe that your well-being, abundance and prosperity or the lack thereof are based on conditions outside of yourself. You are establishing separation. You are established in a consciousness and separation from the thing that you want and the condition of your being.

Do You believe in scarcity?

When you believe in any condition outside of yourself, you make your experience contingent upon conditions such as the economy, you must believe in that there’s not enough. To believe in anything as a cause other than you, is to believe in separation. You must believe in God and Me, rather than God in me, as me one with me? If God is one with you abundance and prosperity must be one with you. Remember the ancient writing of the elder brother, (Jesus) who said “the father in me and I in you and we are one”. Won’t you breathe?

Everything is an extension our consciousness

Consciouness only reality Slide9Because now we’re entering the full presence of our being, now we’re entering the awareness of oneness, now we understand that everything is an extension and a manifestation of our consciousness. And I am the consciousness of one, I am the first cause, I am the directing principle. I am only as God created me. I am limitless in awareness, I am infinite in being, I am internal in the establishment of God.

“I am” is a statement of being. All states of being include all states of having. I am abundant or I am prosperous is the current state of being. All states of being or conclusive within themselves and requires nothing outside of itself. Adjuster your state of the being and you adjust your abundance and prosperity. Declare right now I am abundant! I am now is my current condition of your being, and the current state of your affairs.

I Am Abundant Now! I Am Prosperous Now!
So it is!


Join the conversation. I want to know what you think,
because thinking makes it so.

For now I am Brother John, urging you now and always to live your Life In Spirit.


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