How to establish Practice having an Abundant Consciousness?

So the real question about abundance and prosperity is how do we establish an abundant consciousness? How do we establish a prosperity consciousness? Won’t you breathe?

Prosperity and abundance is not something that you get my dear ones. It is not something comes to you. Prosperity and abundance must by natural selection come through you. It must flow through your consciousness / mind out into your experience.

All things are made out of the same substance only appearing in different forms. All things are established by consciousness and by awareness. Abundance and prosperity is an acknowledgement of oneness the inter connectedness of all things, it is an outflow of your consciousness that establishes your life and your experience.

Abundance is something that you are. Abundance and prosperity is an acknowledgement of oneness of all things. All things flow from the state of your being, i.e. the state of your consciousness. All states of consciousness produce current and immediate conditions. If you want to change the state of your abundance, you must change the state of your current consciousness. You must shift from state of wanting and getting to having being. You must shift into the state of being in the consciousness of the thing(s) desired. You must shift from a future desire to and condition. I possess and I am the thing desired.

I am That I Am
I am That I Am

“I am” is a present condition. “I am” is not a historical event. “I am” is not a future prospect. “I am” is now. Will you declare that “I am abundant right now”? I am limitless consciousness, right now. I am infinite flow right now. Abundance and prosperity are byproducts of the condition of my being.

I am, is a statement of being. What are you declaring right now? What is your state of being?

 Declare: I am abundance and prosperous right now!

I am Brother John urging you now and always
to live your Life in Spirit.

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