A Sacred Secret?

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What is a Sacred Secret?

A Sacred Secret is something that originates with God is withheld until his own time and is revealed only to those to whom he chooses to make it known.

The Greek word my·steʹri·on translated “sacred secret,” has reference primarily to that which is known by those who are initiated.

In the ancient mystery religions that flourished in the time of the early Christian congregation, those who wished to take part in the mystery celebrations had to undergo initiation; the uninitiated were denied both access to the so-called sacred actions and to the knowledge of them.

Those initiated into them were bound by a vow of silence, not to reveal the secrets. However, there was also a secular, “everyday” use of the word, such as for a private secret, a secret between friends, family secrets.

The apostle Paul uses the passive of my·eʹo in this latter sense when he says: “I have learned the secret [literally, I have been initiated into secrets] of both how to be full and how to hunger, both how to have an abundance and how to suffer want.”

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