Sunday Morning Live
with Brother John

Simplifying It!

It’s More than a Watch Party.
It’s an Event! It’s An Affair!

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Here's why you want to be at Sunday Morning Live.

Your Belief system is the operating system for your life.

The Content of Your Thought Controls The Content of Your Life.


Break Free from Limited Thinking?

When you have heard Brother
John, you
have heard it all!

It’s a Musical Sign Along.

Life is a song, so come join
us and sing alone.

It’s an Empowering Mediation

Meditation is a dance between control and surrender. between pushing and letting go, and when to push and when to let go.

Empowering Instruction

Its The Place to Be To Make Your Dreams a Reality.

So here’s My Personal Promise ...

There’s Nothing to buy,

  • No Sign up,

  • Absolutely no obligations, and

  • No pressure to act of any kind.

Just Enjoy, Relax, Rejuvenate, and Refresh.

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You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Promise